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Tearing Down the Walls –

2012. október 1. 15:31

Last week a new webpage called was launched in Slovakia. The project itself is created by the Roundtable of Hungarians in Slovakia and the Forum Institute. Its goal is to improve relations between the Slovak and the Hungarian community.

The editors started with a simple idea: One of the biggest barriers to understanding between Slovaks and the Hungarian community in Slovakia is the fact that there is so little information available in Slovak about the Hungarian community. Furthermore, news from Hungary is often selective and presented in a way that can be misleading. Thus, the new website.

To overcome this barrier, the website is written entirely in Slovak because, according to our experience, many Slovak readers tend to avoid mixed-language content. The website has three sections: a database containing academic studies and essays about Hungarians, a magazine based on local news and events regarding the life of Hungarians in Slovakia, and finally, a questions and answers section. The latter section covers various myths and stereotypes about Hungarians, trying to treat these issues in a light, free and easy tone. The editors' long-term goal is to develop into one of the most important and reliable, unbiased sources on the Hungarian community for Slovak readers.

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