What on earth is this ignorant nonsense being spread about Hungary?

2013. április 4. 7:47

Tibor Fischer
The word hysteria is much abused, but I can't come up with a more apt term to describe most of the media coverage regarding Hungary, particularly in Germany and France.

„If there's one person who's earned the title of democrat it's [Viktor] Orbán. Just as democracy doesn't guarantee justice, happiness, peace or affluence, having a democrat in charge doesn't guarantee efficiency or good sense (even Orbán's supporters are bewildered by some of his actions and appointments). Orbán felt he wasn't dynamic enough in his first term in office in 1998, and his desire to smash the remnants of the communist system is now perhaps too precipitous. But he was voted into office and has the right to get things wrong.

My friends and relatives in Budapest (many of whom can't stand Orbán) are appalled by these smears and anti-Hungarian fury. Orbán's enemies are doing him a favour, I suspect. By pushing a line that is so absurdly removed from reality they will convince voters who might not have given Orbán a second chance (because economically things aren't so great) to do so. A year or so down the road – when there aren't Jews hanging from lampposts or packs of journalists in dungeons – some on the left might feel a little awkward.

Most Hungarians know what it was to live in a dictatorship, some are old enough to have known both fascism and communism. No one wants to go back to that. No one. To suggest that some contentious or poorly considered legislation is the death of democracy is simply ridiculous and an insult to the nation.”

Az eredeti, teljes írást itt olvashatja el.

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My Italian relatives came for Easter to Budapest. They asked me about fascists and nazists. They wanted to take a photo of some of them as they have heard that 50% of the population has become fascist.

And guess what? They went home without a bloody photo.

Where were the fascist for all these days? Were they hiding for Easter?

Dear Tibor,

Good to hear from you. Since I read your book titled "Under the Frog", and that was some time ago, I have not heard from you until now.

It is great that you surfaced on my screen and I hope hearing from you more frequently. Just keep pounding away at the communist nonsense.

Tibor dear, I'm afraid that you will not get invited to a tea of ​​the German President as Konrád.

Orban's sin: he foresees what will happen in EU.

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