Thoughts from Behind the Ironic Curtain

2015. december 25. 11:32

Sacha Ostrovski
The new club’s arrogance and hatred don’t consider the fact that Hungary isn’t the only country questioning the choices of the past 25 years, but all of Central Europe is!

Today our society is already trapped. It feels an old feeling in its guts, coming back in another form: fear. A new, modern, and progressive fear, a fear that we will lose the shoddy comfort offered by the system. This new fear appears to be much stronger than the old-fashioned fear of a more concrete punishment.

In 2004, we were accepted into the trendiest club of the moment, the European Union. To get in, we had to make a lot of effort: we had to change our laws, traffic signs, and adapt to and accept new rules. Amongst those rules, we had to protect the club’s borders, since we were the outermost country in it.

In 2015, the migrant crisis got stronger and things got out of hand. The Hungarians are afraid; they never saw anything like this. Each time such a huge group of strangers has come to the country, it ended in a proper, armed invasion and in a bloodbath. They put their trust in their Prime Minister and support his government’s decision to build a wall. It’s nothing more or less than strict respect for our country’s responsibilities that were signed a decade ago. It has become a real topic. There is debate, suspicion, and accusations of demagogy, of populism. The Prime Minister is both attacked and defended. We claim that the wall is necessary. Whatever, it will be built because it’s consistent with the rules.

It’s precisely at this moment, facing the massive and violent criticisms and attacks from our new partners that we realised, not without disgust and fright, that their hypocrisy is the same as our former occupiers’. Again, something is being said and something else is being done. Like our political class, we’re too trapped by this same fear of losing the few advantages that appear to be vital to escape the system.

Az eredeti, teljes írást itt olvashatja el.

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