2015. július 27. 14:40
What is at stake today is Europe and the European way of life, the survival or extinction of European values and nations.
2014. január 15. 11:30
Caravaggio to Canaletto, a stunning new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, celebrates glorious 17th- and 18th-century Italian paintings.
2013. augusztus 7. 15:09
The UK has culture skirmishes; Hungary has culture wars.
2013. június 14. 8:54
The Israeli-Hungarian relations are special - says Ilan Mor, the Israeli Ambassador to Hungary. According to Mr Mor, it was a good decision from the World Jewish Congress and the Hungarian government, to organize the WJC's conference in Budapest. We have talked with the Ambassador about the conference, the present and the future of the Israeli-Hungarian relations and Israel's current situation in the Middle East.
2013. március 7. 11:59
CNN Travel recently recommended the Budapest Marathon, held annually in October. Returning health enthusiasts and their heftier (and saner) counterparts will be greeted by some new sights adorning the Hungarian capital. Naturally, a big metropolis lives in constant flux. However, in the last few years significant changes have taken shape here.
2013. január 9. 10:23
Hungary remains in a wistful, toxic relationship with the nineteen-thirties, with a fantasy of Jewish conspiracy and national moral decline.
2012. december 5. 12:00
Remember Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent? Hungary has seen three similar shows: Megasztár, X-faktor and The Voice. Now, there is a fourth: the peacock has taken off, so to speak, in the form of Fölszállott a Páva, a show named after a famous Hungarian folk song. It’s all about Hungarian folk dance, folk songs and folk musicians. How, in 2012, could a show about Hungarian folk dance possibly find an audience? And what the heck is the Hungarian folk dance movement?
2012. november 5. 8:11
A number of exciting and progressive ideas are presented by a newly launched Hungarian Roma blog, the Cool Romani. Rising above the tension between Roma and Non-Roma societies, the blog presents positive examples of how society is served by promoting diversity and cooperation.