Galaktika scandal
2016. július 14. 14:16
The legality of the Galaktika magazine was questionable from the first edition, but what may be worse is that its publisher, Metropolis Media also released a book without any sort of permission. We checked all the editions of the magazine stretching back to 2004; we contacted multiple authors, agencies, and estates via email and in doing so we determined that the suspicious practices that we wrote about in March is a tendency that can be perceived since the rebirth of Galaktika. Here is – hopefully – our final article on the Galaktika scandal.
2016. március 31. 9:51
We began our research based on an online caution for foreign writers and ended it with the discovery of a series of stolen works. We found that Hungarian SF magazine Galaktika regularly published articles from foreign writers without permission. The editor-in-chief states royalties are complicated issues in the world and that even Michael Jackson’s agent is unfamiliar with which radio stations play his music, and how many times it is played.