2013. május 29. 10:16
The year's most absurdly funny news story took place recently in Sturovo, a small town in south-central Slovakia near the Hungarian border. In fact, this story has been happening every day for ten years now, from dawn until dusk. Torture of the masses by classical music? In the peculiar lands of the Carpathian Basin, anything can happen.
2013. január 15. 8:56
The significance of the student protests of December in Hungary should not be underestimated or, for that matter, overblown either. To the extent that these are apolitical groups, they are finding their own voice, articulating demands and organizing, and that should always be considered an encouraging sign in our young democracy. Any real public debate of current events is welcomed. Higher education reform remains a real issue and this could prove yet to be a high stakes matter for the government.
2012. december 11. 9:47
Students of ELTE are holding a demonstration and student groups on Facebook are inviting others to rally in other cities during the week.