United States

2015. szeptember 11. 19:13
For at least half a century, the U.S. has taken in the vast majority of the world's refugees. Isn't it somebody else's turn, now?
2015. szeptember 11. 16:35
It’s a little unfair to condemn Hungary for callous — even racist — treatment of migrants when those doing the condemning bear far more responsibility for the crisis. Yes, America, I’m talking about you.
2014. december 7. 23:21
If John McCain says that it is okay to overthrow an elected government and that it is lead by a neofascist dictator and you agree with it, it means that the only remaining way to determine who will rule over Hungarians is a civil war.
2014. szeptember 24. 1:59
When your governments may try to pass oppressive laws, we’ll try to oppose them. When they try to cut off your funding, we’re going to try to give you a lifeline. And when they try to silence you, we want to amplify your voice.
2013. február 25. 16:24
Recently in America’s capital, Hungarian paprika was the talk of the town. Chefs from embassies representing countries around the world faced off in the annual Embassy Chef Challenge, Washington's premier culinary competition, cooking up a signature dish within two hours from a list of surprise ingredients: tomato, rainbow trout, sour cream, and Hungarian paprika.
2013. január 30. 8:41
The 2012 Lantos Prize Winner Chen is the ultimate example of a courageous David facing down the Goliath of the Chinese state armed only with the smooth stones of justice and truth.
2012. november 14. 13:47
If you haven’t read Ambassador György Szapáry’s open letter to David Kramer, president of Freedom House, I would strongly recommend it. While we would prefer to focus on the positive things happening in Hungary, we also feel it’s important to respond to criticism, particularly when it’s biased, misleading or inaccurate. And there’s been a lot of that.
2012. október 16. 12:52
If often the object of glorification, the United States has just as often become the object of contempt. Whatever one’s disposition, the „America” portrayed in the mainstream media rarely resembles the real one.